Ricky: A Nice Surprise

Just when you least expect it!

Where did you honestly think Tim might be taking you on his little "field trip?"
For while I kept thinking the airport ....

What drew you to the darker jeans?
I kept thinking about a color I would want to wear -- the darker the better

What was your inspiration for the dress?
The challenge was to make something iconic and I thought a corset is so iconic. So, I went to what I knew best -- lingerie.

You say at one point that you don't think the judges will like your garment, but you don't care -- was that true?
I was at the point in the game that I started to not care what the judges had to say about my work, so I truly didn't think I cared what they had to say. I guess I was wrong.

Were you surprised when the judges had all positive feedback for you?
I was so shocked to hear them say something good about what I had done ... surprised ....

What are some challenges of working with denim rather than other fabrics?
There is nothing delicate about working with denim but I find these challenges fun. I just did what I thought was right. blogs_409_ricky.jpg

You won! What was your confidence level like after this challenge?
To those who can understand: Remember the feeling of never doing anything quite right ... in front of all your peers ... are told it's not good enough? Then on the day you least expect it you do something so right and it takes you by complete surprise. I was on a high and was ready for whatever challenge came!

Finally, what did you think of the other designers' work?
Not for me to judge ....

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