Ricky: I Just Couldn't Believe I Was There

Believe it, Ricky Lizalde, you're here!

What was it like meeting Tim and Heidi for the first time?
I met Tim on the street one day in the garment district and I was too busy thinking about what I wanted to ask him and totally don't remember what I was feeling. When I met Heidi for the first time, I thought, "wow, she's perfect." ricky_401_02_320x240.jpg

What was your impression of the first challenge -- to express who you are as a designer?
I thought it was a good idea, but I took it too literally. ricky_401_03_320x240.jpg

Which designer did you find the most intimidating when you first arrived?
I still couldn't believe I was doing this and that's all I was thinking ricky_401_01_320x240.jpg

During the first days on the set, what was the thing that struck you the most?
I just couldn't believe I was doing this.

What did you feel when you were left on stage as part of the top or bottom six?
Fear Your dress was criticized for being sweet, but safe. What would you have done differently?
I would have approached my silhouette all together differently.


How long have you been designing lingerie?
10 years

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