Ricky: I Spoke My Peace

Trendsetting with Ricky Lizalde!


In terms of trendsetters -- which fads do you believe should have become trends?
The fads I can think of at the moment are all just really bad fads that should not be brought up or brought back... so I have to say none.

What would YOU have done with shoulderpads?
That's a hard one ... I will get back to you on that....ricky_look_404_320x240.jpg

In terms of creating a collection, how much does cohesion matter to you?
I think that a collection should be cohesive , but I don't think making three garments out of the same exact fabric and color equals cohesion.

Do you think of trends when you create your own lines?
I don't really think of trends when I am working on my own line... most of the time I ask myself... What do I feel like saying this season and how can I make it relevant.ricky_01_404_320x240.jpg

What trend would you like to be known for?
I'd rather be known for things with staying power like Lingerie...and Hats instead of a trend

What did you think of Chris?
I really liked Chris he was my roommate and friend...

There is a one minute stretch of time where you all have to choose your own teams. What was that like?
That was the moment when I felt like the kid that no one wanted on his/her team.....kinda sucked.


What did you think when you saw Donna Karan as a guest judge?
I was so excited to see Donna ... even being on the bottom was worth it.... we all got to explain the decisions we made and then hear what she thought about them... good or bad.

There's certainly a lot of conflict between you and Victorya this episode. What was your take on the disagreement about who was team leader?
I was the team leader but I don't think that Victorya gave a sh#@!......


That last moment on the runway with you and Chris, what was going through your mind?
I was very frustrated and all I could think was... at least I spoke my peace, the judges can do whatever they want at this point.

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