Sunglasses, sneakers, swimwear, and summer!

Summer is just around the corner, assuming the weather actually cooperates, and that means time for a new summer look! Every year I like, well, designate a "character" to help me figure out what my summer seasonal theme will be. In the past, it's been: Lumberjack, Affluent English, White and Grey (yeah I know it's not a character), and last summer, schoolboy prep. I'm sure all of this sounds utterly ridiculous to you, but it helps to keep me from throwing on the same ole jeans and t-shirt everyday -- I really hate monotony -- and having a theme to follow helps to keep me focused.

So in the fashion editorial world, "nerd glasses" have been popular for over a year now, but apparently they were just dubbed the new hot accessory for summer. You may have seen them on the runway, or in Brooklyn like years ago, but if you need a refresher, look for someone looking like this:


Bad eyesight isn't necessary to take part in the trend, though to spice up what's already out there I thought of throwing these beauties into the mix; I adore the whimsical shape and translucent qualities of these Paul Smith, David Hockney-inspired versions:



I'm also a bit of a stickler for summer footwear, trying not to live my life entirely in sandals (as it can literally be a hazard in NYC) and enjoy either a light loafer or uncomplicated sneaker. I really love these two options; first, the Doley Lace-up canvas sneaker from Adidas is subtle and simple, while the Aprix Classic Deck shoe brings just the right amount of surprise and contrast.


Overall, I think that the summer months is a time for reckless abandon of color and pattern (tasteful of course) and should be well taken advantage of! Though the entire look is a bit much, I really do love both the top, and trouser from the latest Spring Men's Prada collection.


A safer choice may be this fun, color-blocked sweater from Marc by Marc Jacobs (my boyfriend Kieran just got this and it really is the softest silk/cashmere blend you can imagine -- perfect for those cool nights).


Oh and how could I forget about swimming! Though I don't have a huge opportunity to go swimming here in the city, I've found that buying a trouser suit that doubles as a pair of shorts allows me to get twice the mileage out of it. Though I should enforce, that I'm by NO MEANS condoning wearing baggy, floral print board shorts and a tank top as you go about your daily life (unless you actually do live/work on the beach, and in that case, I'm jealous). I just bought this fun, color-blocked pair from Opening Ceremony here in NYC though mine is navy and aqua.


Lastly, it's a trend that has been simmering for awhile now and seems to be HUGE on the runways this past season (for men AND women) ... jumpsuits. I usually hate the idea of an actual onesie as it really comes down to fit and fabric -- if either are off on the wrong body type it really just looks a hot mess. That being said, I must admit that I find this utilitarian-style one from Prada to be kinda cute ... thoughts?


Now that I've stocked up a bit on my summer wardrobe, I'm off to LA for the week to go sell myself, and my new book, at one of the largest book shows in the world. Word is that Amazon and Barnes & Nobles are anxious to see it ... so wish me luck!

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