Sweet P: Team Challenges

Not everyone can work well together.

What does "avant-garde" mean to you?
I take it to mean over the top, out there, not the norm.

It seems like Rami really took the reins with the avant-garde garment. What would you have done differently?
First I would have used my model Leah as the inspiration. Her hair inspired me immediately. I would have transformed her into some otherworldly winged creature. raterunway_02_408_220x415.jpg

How did you come up with the design for your ready-to-wear dress? How did you translate it from the original design?
I came up with the idea to take elements of the hard vs. the soft and the sculptural vs.the flowy and picked fabrics/colors and just started draping. I think my dress was wearable, marketable, and beautiful at the same time.

It looked like you were originally very excited to work with Rami. What do you think was the fundamental problem with you two working together?
I was super excited to work with Rami because I love him as a person and as a designer. We work in a completely different way. Rami works in a much more rigid way than I do. He did not trust me to do my job. I do not always start with a sketch. I am mostly inspired by fabrics, colors, and prints, and then the silhouette comes to me in a very natural way.

Did your opinion of Rami change after working with him?
No. I still love him, and think he is very talented.


Were you ever worried that you would actually be eliminated?
Not really because I tried to assert myself in our challenge and when I did get a chance to show my vision I did a great dress.

What did you think of the other designers' designs?
I thought everyone did a great job. I loved Jillian's coat. Oh la la, so fabulous. That girl is good.

Anything else?
I miss Kit.

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