Double Transformation

The best outfit makes you guess what it is made out of.

The one thing that's kind of interesting about the Gristedes project is that it's ultimately about transformation. And taking something that you never would assume to make good-looking clothes and not only make good looking clothes, but almost make you kind of wonder "What is that made out of?" And in Kelli's instance, she not only found a way to make a great looking garment but she also found a way to change the texture of something that she found and make it into her own fabric. So I think that that was kind of double transformation.

I also Loved LOVED Daniel's blue paper cup dress. In that instance that was a fabulous single transformation. Who would have ever thought that you could mold these blue cups into a great dress? The simple truth is though, when I really looked at it, once I got over the fact of "Oh could you make a great dress out of plastic cups?" Then I'm like, "Yeah, but I know they're plastic cups." Whereas with Kelli's you're like "Oh it's great looking" and then you have the second question "Well, what IS that?" So I think that double transformation beats single transformation.As for Jerry's dress, both Nina and I thought that it looked suspiciously like something that Christian Bale would have worn in American Psycho. Number one there was no transformation. You knew exactly what it was made out of. And it was just disquieting and not in a good way -- it wasn't provoking like to make you think "Oh it's ugly beautiful," you're like "Ohhh god it really looks like she's gonna butcher someone."

I think the one thing you have to realize is that to get this far in the first place, when you have this many people who were clamoring to be on the show, that says something about you. And it might be quite honestly that this just, unfortunately, in the luck of the draw, just is not your challenge. I think the whole fashion business is a combination -- talent No. 1, vision and talent, then personality and the possibility of you being able to sell yourself. But then timing is part of it. And you know zeitgeist is saying ruffles and femininity and you're all about rock and roll hardness, then that's not going to be your moment. And for Jerry this just wasn't his challenge.

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