Golden Locks

Not just any hairstyle will do, this is for the Olympics!

This week, the designers went for the gold! Inspired by the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics, Heidi wanted the contestants to create a fashionable outfit for the USA team to wear during the opening ceremony. This patriotic episode challenged the designers to think outside the box. Olympic gold medalist and today's special guest judge Apolo Anton Ohno put them to the test to see who would succeed in creating a medal-worthy ensemble.

Red, white, and blue fabric and accessories lit up the TRESemmé Salon. Kelli, who always makes time to chat with us, walked in knowing exactly how she wanted her model Germaine to look. She constructed a vintage inspired, navy a-line skirt, and a red and white top in polka dots with a bow at the collar. Since her design represented 1940s American fashion, Kelli suggested a Vargas pin up girl look for the hair. I loved the idea and went with glamorous barrel curls, using a 1/2" curling iron pulling it back into a bun. Blayne opted for something more sporty. His model Polina came in wearing white skinny pants with an asymmetric sweater. I'm learning he seems to love asymmetric shapes AND ponytails! For another variation on this hairstyle, we corn-rowed two braids at the part and with the remaining hair on top, we crimped it for a little texture and height. Then, we gathered it all into one side ponytail. Polina looked ready to shine on the runway!

Stella constructed racing striped capri pants made of tri-color leather in red, silver, and navy. For Stella's tough-girl aesthetic we went for something sleek. We created a fashion-forward wet-to-dry look on her model Kendall. In order to build strength around her face, we applied TRESemmé So Sleek Defrizzing Gel from her hairline back to her crown and set it with a diffuser for a wet finish. We left the remaining length of her hair soft and free-flowing. This technique is my favorite because it has both strong and soft elements, which complemented the garment perfectly.

In the end, Korto walked away the winner with her chic, high-waisted pants and leather vest combo. I absolutely loved the simplicity of Korto's design and the strong lines of the high waisted pants. I'm learning she has some serious tailoring skills and to see her garments up close is a real treat! Korto told us she did not want her design to resemble a uniform. She wanted to prove that you can make an athletic garment look fashion-forward, and she certainly knew how to make it work! On the flip side, Jennifer's gold detailed jacket and skirt did not impress Apollo, and she was sent home from the competition. In the end, this challenge brought out the competitive side of the designers, but only one took the gold!

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