No Leatha, Mo' Problems

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No Leatha, Mo' Problems

Some designers are growing and others are standing still.

I loved the idea of Leanne's dress -- this kind of fabulous, cape-like, tailored jacket over a sexy gown. I think it's got some surprise to it. I think that you can see it worn. The jacket could be developed into 10 different fabrics. Could work in anything from suede to cotton. Would be great with jeans, would be great with a matching pencil skirt for work and then the gown is great on it's own. I thought the whole look, also, was very sophisticated. I think that Leanne is really growing as a designer when we watch her process that you still see the detailing, the manipulation through the collar, which is very Leanne, but she's also learning how to make her conceptual fashion be flattering and actually workable in real life, and I think this is a really great example of that. I just thought it was very, very sophisticated and very Leanne. And at this point I do want to know what their point of view is and I see her point of view. And Stella? Ugh. I think honestly the fact that there was no leatha was her problem. I think when there's no leatha, she doesn't know how to handle it. I think the sewing on the vest was horrific. And I thought there was nothing sophisticated about the outfit. I didn't like the proportions. She's obsessed with these vests and it just looks very poor to me. And I think she's very one note, quite frankly. And I think that this really shows that, that there's no sense of sophistication. I hated the frog at the closure of the cape. There's nothing I liked about it.