Oh No! On The Catwalk

Where's the creativity?

It was a fabulous Wednesday night. I spent most of the evening working on collection pieces for my show at Bryant Park On the 11th. While doing so I popped in some of my favourite new music by Jeff Palmiotti -- it's genius. Have a listen HERE.

OMG the opening ceremonies ensemble -- what an honour to be able to create that for any country. That is my dream one day as a designer. I must say Apolo Ohno is so sweet. But!!! I saw some terrible "OH NO" on that catwalk ... It looked like they were asked to create costumes for the new line of Sailor Moon dolls at the ninety-nine cent store. Does anyone think creatively on the show anymore? Neoprene in an ensemble is a symbol of one of the competitions and perfectly hugs an athlete's body. There are so many other athletic fibers. Darlings, fashion is versatility. You must be able to create a gown and then create a sports piece. Or do like Gaultier and create a neoprene evening gown. Brilliant!!!

I have met a few of the cast members and they are so lovely. I am interested to see what next week will bring.

Mirror Mirror on the wall!!! Who has the most fabulous belly button of them all?!?

Stella ... darling?!?

OMG I need a cocktail.

Until next week, I send you a lot of love.

cheers !!!

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