Day To Night

Brooke Shields is not the only one that likes day to night outfits!

I thought this week's challenge was the best so far because of how I related to it personally. At least once a week I need to go from my office to a cocktail function and do not have time to change in between. You need your outfit to look professional as you have business meetings throughout the day yet a bit sexy and elegant at the same time to take you to your evening event.

It was also interesting to see two designers team up and how they handled each other doing the same project.

I will comment on the two worst and the two best.


Kelli and Daniel
Kelli's original concept on paper was good and that is why Brooke Shield chose her design. The translation from the sketch to the actual outfit was just plain tacky and was lacking in every way. Who shows that much skin (if any) between the skirt and bustier? It was not sexy but sleazy.


Blayne and Leeann
Blayne was pushing the envelope with his sketch of a Bermuda short ensemble. It could have been great and innovative but sadly he failed. No one could wear his finished outfit to the office and be taken seriously at a meeting. It was way too casual looking for an evening party and the pieces looked all "mish mosh," as if they did not belong together. Why Leann was like a deer in headlights and put no input in to help make this better is beyond me.


Jerell and Stella
I thought the outfit they created together was fabulous.They really worked as a team and it showed. They combined their tastes beautifully. I loved Stella's influence with the wide yellow waistband and than it had the animal belt on top. It was fun, sexy, eye-catching, and different. I was proud of them both. I would love to own this dress!!


Keith and Kenley
When I saw the sketch Keith did I know why Brooke immediately gravitated to it . The concept of the lower part or the outfit to be layers like petals that were floating was very intriguing. It definitely captured your imagination. Thank goodness Tim swayed Kenley from the other floral print as it would have changed the feeling dramatically and had an entire different visual result. The dress was very elegant, sensual, and floated down the runway. I liked the fact the bottom half was an earthy brown it made it easier to wear during the day to the office.Superb result!! I look forward to seeing Brooke wearing it on Lipstick Jungle this season.

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