Sweet P

Sweet P has been working all over the place since Project Runway!


Since I got back from filming Project Runway, I got a design Job for Harkham (a gorgeous contemporary line), only to quit a month later to concentrate on my fall 2008 collection for Bryant Park.


After Bryant Park, I designed a private label for a retail chain store. I've also had the opportunity to mentor a high school student named Jenny, who was working on a fashion design project. I blogged about the Oscars for MTV, and also appeared on TRL to talk about my fave Oscar fashions. I made an apperance on TV Guide's Reality Chat, and I flew up to San Francisco to be on ABC's View from the Bay.


I had my first speaking engagement at UCLA on May 1st, and I have 3 more events coming up. It super fun to talk to the kids.

I designed a dress for Kat Von Di for Bravo's A-List Awards. Kat loved the dress and so did I.I am currently working on a collaboration with my husband, Sage Vaughn. I am making limited edition garments that incorporate Sage's artwork. The show is entitled, "Ghosts in the Garden." It will open in Seattle on November 1st 2008.

I also have TOP SECRET plans in the works. All I can tell you is that it will be amazing, so keep your fingers crossed for me!













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