Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon found her design kindred spirit in Janet.

on Jul 27, 2011

I thought the table was a little bare, so I brought in some sunflowers in copper pots and lots of candles. I love using amber glass so it creates a flame-like glow throughout the room. In my book, I speak a lot about how amber coloring makes everyone look like a rock star!

When I hang out in pubs I love reading, playing games, getting comfortable, and petting all of the dogs that are somehow allowed in these places!!

I covered some of Rocco’s formal dining room walls in copper tiles to really make the room look and feel authentic, and to continue that amber and moody glow. I wanted the room to scream comfort, so I brought in some fabulous chesterfield sofas and ottomans and wing chairs complete with soft plaid blankets, and very soft doggy beds to match!! Also by adding that old English alleyway type of lighting, a ton of gorgeous stained glass sconces and overhead lights and reading lamps completed the ambiance.

Ken Oringer said that no gastro-pub is complete without a cock, so there you go!! Cat Deeley felt like she was home, which definitely brought a smile to my face big time. This is what makes me tick often in my career, is when folks walk into a room and the “ahhhh” stays throughout the evening as they discover special little elements throughout the environment, much like a treasure hunt for the eyes to enjoy.  

I installed an old-school armoire, and filled it with old trophies and beer mugs from all over the world and graced the walls with a ton of ship paintings that reminded me of a lot of the port area pubs that sailors would come and drink at before sailing off again.