Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon details the differences between the vibes of Natalie and Vanessa's party rooms.

on Jul 20, 2011

Even though Vanessa was very specific about her florals, (down to the exact size of the arrangement)! no French/Haitian room is complete without some gorgeous French tulips! I was thrilled to find just enough on the flower market early that morning. 

During my experience working with all of these chefs so far, I have noticed that the male and female chefs approach their designs differently. 

Most of the male chefs seem to design more like picking from a visual and heavy prop inventory, which tends to make the designs more literal in most cases. This isn’t a bad thing; their designs are filled with more items like a full on movie set, which can be visually entertaining. The female chefs tend to grab from their emotions or experiences; even their dreams of what they hope their environments would be like some day. It’s like they are living out a fantasy that they have had for a long time. 

At the end of the day, it's the differences between people that make this world go round, and the harmonizing of different design elements coming together in one environment makes my world go round.

Keeping that “party equalizer” balanced is a true art, and one that everyone can master if you take the time to listen, taste, see, touch and smell.
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