Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon reveals what she would have changed about Sharon's dining room.

on Aug 3, 2011


I adore fashion, and I pull a lot of my inspiration from every kind of fashion known to man, but even more so, I love style. We are responsible for our own style, and if you prefer to be more of a paint-by-numbers type of a person, then so be it. You can flip through any magazine and wear exactly what the models wear piece for piece, but where do you as a person go if you do that? 

Style comes from an emotional response to something that moves you so much that you want to be part of that feeling as much as possible. You want to surround yourself with it, watch it, and wear it. In terms of this episode, Frank’s style was an awesome surprise to me, and sadly Sharon’s was not.

Though Sharon often commented on how she hoped to streamline and simplify her cooking for Rocco and his guests, I don’t feel she was successful in doing so for the ambiance of her dining room. Just the mention of using a fashion look, book, or collage on the walls of Rocco’s informal dining room made me worry that the room would be too fussy. When Sharon first saw the initial reveal of her room, she agreed, so I scaled back the room before the guests arrived. I was also having a problem with the use of red in this room. Usually in smaller spaces, you want to use more neutral colors in order to make the room feel more spacious, rather than too saturated or intimate. The word “bordello” flew around a bit when the guests walked in and the use of red tones sadly confirms that ambiance, which isn’t always bad, but for Sharon’s fashion forward concept, I would have used more neutral tones throughout. In my book, Party like a Rock Star, I caution about the use of too much red for an event!

Where was Sharon’s style? Could we have found it in the fact that she is a mom, or that she went from being a nine to fiver to a full time owner of her own catering company, or perhaps in the fact that she successfully impressed Rocco with a controversial espresso-crusted signature dish? I would have loved to continue with touches of espresso throughout her dining room design. I was dying to drape the room in all white like Sharon suggested, but instead of the red accents and the more literal props such as fashion mannequins and design sketches, I would have loved to use neutral monochromatic tones and textures working within the deep espresso to natural jute shades.