Jes Gordon

Jes Gordon dives deep into what throwing a party really means.

on Aug 17, 20110

This party will continue... for all of us!!!!!

One of the most common ledges I have to talk my clients off of is something I like to call “post-party depression.” This sounds funny at first, but it is a real problem in my world, and I am often spending a lot of time convincing folks that there is not only one party to be thrown in their lives, and that there are plenty to come in the future. 

What is interesting about our show is that obviously, since it's a competition, everyone has to live in the moment and make this particular party mean everything since there is a prize at stake. What I like to concentrate on though, is that for everyone involved in the show including the contestants, the guests, Rocco, and even myself, is that the party will surely go on whereever and at any time we want it to. 

Basically people, we are free to party!!!

Something that I adore about Rocco (amongst many things) is that he values good quality time with the people he loves. He is also a huge fan of comfort, beauty, and high-end elements. Something that I learned from doing his show is that it is a true gift to those around you when you cook for them. I feel the same way about setting the ambiance of the room where that food is being served, and it’s pretty genius of Bravo to understand the importance of both and creating an outlet where Rocco and I can truly prove our points. Since I cannot cook… anything, I prefer to design environments where the two elements can harmonize together. I am still trying to convince Rocco to give me a cooking lesson some day.

lou colleen
lou colleen

As you said, Rocco is a great host, however, when my guests RSVP to an affair I will host, I always ask them AT THAT TIME whether there are any allergies or food restrictions that need to be taken into consideration. I would never expect a host to accommodate me on the spot like Marvin or Sandra did. I simply would eat what I could & make the best of it had I not told of my circumstances earlier.


Jes, you did such a fabulous job on the show. Your warm personality and ability to really listen to people's visions and then implement them in such a beautiful way is an amazing talent to have. Can't wait to see you next season!