Rocco DiSpirito

Rocco DiSpirito explains why both chefs were winners, and reveals set secrets.

on Jun 24, 2011

Honestly, King emerged victorious, too, because he aimed to make everyone happy and did. And I’m sure his cute little BYOB restaurant, The Kuma Inn, is buzzing louder than ever. He was great to hang with –- always a smile on his face, no matter how hot things got in the kitchen. This is really a competition where there are no losers. Win, win, tasty win.

And thank you so much to my guests, Mary Alice, Bebel, Gilles, Cindi, D.L., and Padma. The whole point of entertaining is to have fun. Sure, a few of the dishes went wrong (and something always does), but we all rolled with it. Both parties were great -- my guests’ energy and enthusiasm was further proof that what you need to guarantee a successful gathering is a group of people ready to have fun –- which describes my guests perfectly. Thank you!