Shahs' Asa Soltan Rahmati Explains Persian L.A.: "Kinda Ghetto, But That's How We Are!"

They like the finest things... and they don't go to "foreign" doctors.

As we know from the Shahs of Sunset, Iranian-Americans experience the city of Los Angeles in a much different way than the average resident. (Or at least the cast members and their ilk do!)

When Jet Set caught up with Shahs’ star Asa Soltan Rahmati during the show’s reunion taping in Los Angeles, she offered a little insight into the difference between Persian L.A…. and the rest of it.

“Here, Persians are so ridiculous,” she said. “They don’t go to a doctor who’s not Persian. In L.A.! We’re in America!”

Beyond that, she said Persians in L.A. have a bit of a skewed view about what it even means to be local. “People go, ‘Oh, you went to a foreign doctor [if you visit a non-Persian]?!' But also every doctor is Persian, which helps.”

As well, she explained that Persians in L.A. “have their own lifestyle” altogether that feels different from the lifestyles of the other cultures in the melting-pot city. “We’re clannish, we’re tribal.”

And the difference extends to matters of taste, too. “We have our things that we like,” she said. “And what we like is the best. It sounds kinda ghetto, but that’s just how we are!”

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