Shahs' Shervin Roohparvar Is Fine With Crying Babies, But Hates This Type of Person on Planes

He's a "reasonable" guy, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Shervin Roohparvar

Most frequent travelers have their preferences when it comes to airplane seat mates, but Shahs of Sunset jet setter Shervin Roohparvar just prefers to sit alone. So no, if you find yourself seated next to him on an airplane, he's not going to want to chat Shahs BTS bits with you for the duration of your flight.

"The conversationalist is the only type of passenger that can really get under my skin," he shared with Jet Set exclusively. "I'm all for meeting new people and having interesting conversations. It helps me stay mentally stimulated and of course helps pass the time. But midway through a cross-country red eye flight, when I'm wrapped up in a blanket and snoring in a coma from the airplane food in my GI tract, and my headphones are clearly placed on my head — that is not an invitation to start talking to me and going right into a story about the cousin you are going to visit after 17 years."

We feel that! And even top airline experts suggest that chatting up your neighbor is one of the worst displays of airplane etiquette possible.

He's not cold or heartless when it comes to flying commercial, though. "I'm pretty reasonable during travel. Screaming babies may not be pleasant, but I don't get annoyed because however bad it may be for the rest of us its much worse for that poor baby or the parent that has to sit and witness their child in such discomfort." Awww, what a guy! (Obviously not everyone loves crying babies on planes.)

As for his favorite seat mate? Well, it's no one at all.

"My favorite type of passenger to be seated next to is the one that always misses their flight, that feeling after the flight attendant seals the cabin door and noticing the seat next to you is still empty is priceless!"

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