Shahs' Shervin Roohparvar Knows Why People Hate on L.A.: "It's an Implant City!"

But it's not what you're thinking.

While the Shahs of Sunset’s Shervin Roohparvar has adopted Los Angeles as his current hometown, he’s aware that the city doesn’t always have the best reputation among outsiders — including those from Northern California, from where he moved.

“What do they get wrong about L.A.? There’s a big thing about [how] there’s nobody real in L.A.,” he acknowledged when Jet Set caught up with him at the Shahs’ reunion taping in the city. “And yeah, although they are far and few between, if you do look, you will find a good group of people that are real and solid just like anywhere else.”

Very true, despite some popular misconceptions about the local population!

Shervin continued, “L.A. is an implant city” — but he didn’t mean it in the way you might first think. He was referring to people who relocate to town, just as he did.

“Most of the people are from other places [and] implanted here,” he said. “So you gotta just be willing to meet everybody.”

And that’s good advice, no matter where you go in the world.

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