Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ explains her absence from blogging and discuss the learning experience that was this season.

on Feb 17, 2013

My take on GG finally meeting up with Reza:

Reza was so self righteous and dismissive. He didn't show up with an open-mind, while GG's demeanor was humble, pliant, and vulnerable. I saw right through his insincere preach about how he's no better than everyone else. Too bad he was just using that to manipulate GG into convincing her that "every time you have a feeling it doesn't need to have a grand discussion." Sit down and shut up, you're not Dr. Phil.
Reza, like the rest of us, is neither trained or equipped to understand, relate to, or advise Golnesa on what she was going through. None of the rest of us understand what makes a person become physical. He is totally out-of-line to conduct himself from such a position.

My lunch with my mom is hard to watch. But after I watch it again, I realized the experience helped me learn so much about myself and it's helping me as an adult to understand what experiences shaped my thinking from early childhood. I don't want to repeat an old negative pattern, and I don't want to lose the opportunity to improve my relationship with my mother.

Am I creating new boundaries with her? Yes.

Am I creating an emotional barrier between her stuff, which is toxic for me? Yes.

I'm working on that and she, too, can learn about herself through what she gains from therapy. But I never saw her connect so quickly to what Dr. Michelle pointed out to her about "Vida's pain, being her pain." My mom was never given that opportunity in a mental health setting like we have with Dr. Michelle.

Also, I strongly believe that my individual therapy is very different and separate from that which my mother and I seek.