Mercedes "MJ" Javid

MJ explains her absence from blogging and discuss the learning experience that was this season.

on Feb 17, 2013

My take on the OMID vs Mike fight:

Everytime I see Mike or Omid walk through a door, my heart smiles; they were both raised as outstanding gentlemen, with solid values and they both truly exude that energy each time I see them. Except tonight.

Mike f---ed up. I had to watch this over and over again to be able to see it from both perspectives and I know I don't have to chose a side, but if I did, it would be hands down, Omid's side. Sorry, Mike. I was there for the whole thing, the WHOLE thing, and yes I expect more from you.

Mike's temper got the best of him, and in turn, he ended up mishandling his personal business with both Golnesa and Omid. The thing is that in our group we need Mike to step up for GG, but instead he dogs her in how he talks down to her. When Mike thinks he's being all love to Golnesa, he's repeatedly misfiring. The reason why I'm going H.A.M. on Mike is because REALLY I need him to step up. Maybe he'll read this and we'll get somewhere. The way he CHOOSES to communicate with GG is usually counter-productive and since he is the patriarch of our group, I expect Mike to hold us together in situations like this.

Anyway, back to the fight between Omid and Mike. . .both of these men were lied to and influenced by a something that's all too contagious in our group. It is being a target for inaccurate, grapevine gossip that creates unnecessary World Wars. What I remember most from this night was how patiently and calmly Omid remained seated in his chair while Mike was like a baby snake prematurely spewing venom to an innocent victim. Omid even told Mike repeatedly how much he looked up to Mike before this ambush. The damage still runs deep between Omid and Mike, but they better fix it.

OK, I gotta sign off for now, but will be back super soon!!!