Reza: I Don't Care Where Mike Sticks His Dool

Reza Farahan explains why it was so difficult being caught in the middle of Mike and GG's issues. Could you believe that MJ stored Pablo in her freezer?
Reza Farahan: I was shocked by the fact that MJ stored Pablo in her freezer, just because that is pretty extreme, but honestly I wasn't surprised. MJ loved that dog more than anything on earth. He was her baby, and he showered her with unconditional love, something that she didn't always have the way she should. She put him in the freezer until she finalized her plans for him. Ultimately, it all came from love, and that’s all that counts! I did make a mental note not to take ice cubes in my drinks at her place for a while. What was going through your mind during the talk with Mike?
RF: My talk with Mike was very difficult. It was hard for me, because Mike couldn't understand the fact that GG, like himself, is family, and when you have two family members who have an issue and one of them shares something with you because it's weighing on them, but requests that you keep it to yourself until they have a chance to deal with it, you respect that request, period! Mike has a tendency to point fingers and deflect. I was just looking for Mike to get real and see things from our (Asa, MJ, and my) perspective. This was information that was dropped in my lap, I wasn't involved, and I wanted GG to address Mike directly. I know Mike very well, and I truly don't care where he sticks his dool, as long as it's outside of our circle. His actions, and by actions I mean the blame game, created a painful wedge between "us" and Mike. How difficult was it being caught in the middle of Mike and GG?
RF: I hated being in the middle of the Mike and GG issue. It's just like being caught in a fight between your brother and sister. There's no winning. I tried to stay out of it and allow GG to handle something that occurred. It wasn't my place to run to Mike, GG is just as important to me as Mike is, and I had high hopes that she would take care of it in private. I really don't want to be put into that type of situation again. I had a lot of stress and sleepless nights because of what transpired.

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