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Shahs of Sunset

Reunion Part 2

S5/EP17 | Aired:
August 3, 2016
Golnesa faces the difficult truths about her Rheumatoid Arthritis, leading to an eruptive "he said-she said" between her and Reza. And when all becomes too much for one member of the group, a heart-breaking meltdown leads to an unexpected moment. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Reunion Part 1

S5/EP16 | Aired:
August 2, 2016
Golnesa and Reza waste no time picking up their jilted relationship right where it left off. Mike is forced to open up about his pending divorce from Jessica Parido. Mama Vida Javid's opinions on her daughter's tight-knit circle causes tension. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset


S5/EP15 | Aired:
August 1, 2016
MJ accepts Tommy’s marriage proposal, despite Vida's disapproval. Reza and Adam talk about having kids, and Mike makes the decision to move forward without Jessica. At the unveiling of Asa’s photography project Reza and GG hit a point of no return. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

La Vida Loca

S5/EP14 | Aired:
July 24, 2016
Reza and Adam finally make their marriage official. Mike fights through his feelings and poses for Asa's art show photos. MJ plans an elaborate "Rebirth" ceremony at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery where Tommy has a life-changing surprise for her. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Mr. Shouhed's Wild Ride

S5/EP13 | Aired:
July 17, 2016
Reza and MJ make an unpleasant discovery about Jessica as Mike makes a last effort to win her back. Shervin attempts to convince GG to make peace with Reza. Pressure mounts between Reza and GG at Mike's Beverly Hills shoe launch. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Is It Too LATE To Say I'm Sorry?

S5/EP12 | Aired:
July 10, 2016
An altercation between Reza and GG threatens to destroy the trip. Mike asks Asa for help to win his wife back, and GG starts a new health regimen that shocks her inner circle. A brave Reza returns to the comedy stage for the first time since bombing. (43:24)

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