Coffey Talk

Episode 10:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Mar 18, 2012

Sweetgrass was really in the weeds. It was hard to say what was more scattered in this salon/wellness center -- the management or the decor. Somehow Tabatha was able to pull the staff together and get them back to their grassroots message of inner beauty. But not without some not so sweet struggles.

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Folk Art Flop

Lovable hippie and owner Tim wanted to create a warm, welcoming space for his customers with a folk art friendly vibe. However he somehow managed to make the decor so cluttered, colorful, and kooky that it was more frightening than funky. It was all too much for Tabatha, who felt like she was on a bad acid trip. (Not exactly shocking given Tabatha's sartorial philosophy of black or bust.)

And to top it all off, the front desk was made from a bed frame and an old door. Both of which were junk Tim picked up on the side of the road. In this age where bed bugs are far too common, Tim should maybe rethink that strategy. And also perhaps have invested in a real desk before this. I mean really, is there no Ikea in Atlanta?