Chill Out

Tabatha shares some exciting, post-takeover news about Chill.

Chill made some very common business mistakes -- no focus and no quality control. Sande had a love of frozen yogurt, but no knowledge of the product beyond the fact that she enjoyed eating it. When it didn't work, instead of focusing her business and making the product better, she just kept adding more and more products to try and increase revenue.

The other huge problem was Sande wasn't in her business as much as she needed to be. Thus the staff could do whatever they wanted because there were no rules or consequences. All of this needed to change. 

The interesting thing for me was that Sande and her husband Jim had two successful businesses, but Chill was failing miserably and draining resources from the others that were doing well. The thing that made their other businesses successful was Jim and his daughter Shannon had experience in the businesses they were running. They were providing quality products and were hands on in their businesses -- the polar opposite of Chill. 

After talking to the staff and tasting Shannon's food for myself, I knew firsthand she made quality products, cared about what she made, and was a huge asset. The frozen yogurt certainly wasn't working, but introducing fresh, homemade, delicious products would, and I hoped that Sande would agree. 

I was surprised by how excited the staff was when they found out Chill was doing away with yogurt and becoming a coffee shop, which would offer fresh sandwiches and baked goods. It was actually more work for them, but they were all on board, and the best news was that Sande was too. 

I was so happy when I went back to check on everyone at Chill. Not only had Sande stepped up, so had Lauren the manager. The staff was respecting both Lauren and Beth, and they were really doing a great job. 

I have an update on Chill -- Sande and Jim have decided to expand on my recommendations and turn it into a bakery. Shannon is a trained pastry chef and is going to be making all the baked goods. I am so excited and happy for them all, and I know that it's going to be a success.

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Meoww's Unexpected Departure

Tabatha was shocked to find the Meoww had sold the nail salon.

Meoww? I mean really, who picks that as a name? Maybe that was my first clue to a very long and arduous week.

I love getting my nails done, but that doesn’t mean I want to open a nail salon! Yet this was Meoww’s reasoning for opening the business. I am all for people following their passion, however it wasn’t a passion for her. She thought it would be a cash cow and that is not the reason to open a business.

I was gobsmacked at Meoww’s attitude toward her staff, clientele, and business especially when she was from an HR background. She was absolutely clueless.

I have seen a lot of interesting behavior, but I have never seen an owner crouched on the floor trying to get a technician’s attention or walk through the salon using a code word. Meoww had no rules, no standards, and no idea WTF she was doing or how things should have been done, and she didn’t seem interested in learning.

The staff was inexperienced and incredibly slow, I have never had a model leave the same as she walked in. I was shocked at the poor quality of work and even more shocked that Meoww thought her technicians were “fine.” She hadn’t bothered to do any quality control or provide any education, direction, or guidance. I realized very quickly that the staff needed serious education, and I asked Joey to come back and do an intensive day of training. The technicians really pushed themselves and wanted to do better; they asked questions worked hard and took the critiques from me and Joey very seriously, and at the end of the day it showed because there was improvement in their work.
I was skeptical about Meoww. She was so resistant even during the renovation she resisted by having a melt down because I removed the U bar! I saw a difference in Meoww on reopening day and I certainly saw a difference with the staff. I just hoped that they were all able to follow through and keep it up.

Sooo… When I went back for my check up, I can’t even tell you how surprised I was to walk up to the salon and see a new sign, name, and owner. I understood why the staff felt betrayed by Meoww, I felt the same way!

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