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Truly Disappointed

"It wasn’t difficult to figure out that Nikki was the salons biggest problem, but Nikki refused to see that."

To say that Brownes and Company was a rough week for me would be putting it mildly! I have never met anyone as stubborn and unwilling to change as Nikki and it was amazing to me how fearful, intimidated and demoralized her staff were. I understand being a tough boss and having rules, but ruling by fear is not productive and will not bring out the best in any employee. I believe in trying to motivate and elevate staff and giving positive reinforcement -- it will help make staff more productive and make the business stronger. People need to know what they are doing right to feel good about themselves and to perform better. Trying to keep people motivated can be difficult at times but it’s an owner’s job and will only benefit the business, clients and productivity level. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that Nikki was the salons biggest problem, but Nikki refused to see that.

I thought that the staff really started to relax and open up and I know it was incredibly hard for many of them, they had felt so controlled and “watched” by Nikki, especially with her brand of micromanagement and big brother cameras. I saw a great change in them. Susie really wanted to lead the team and be a successful manager and I really felt she had the background the talent and the respect of the hairdressers to do a great job. I was very disappointed it didn’t work out and that Nikki demoted her. I was truly disappointed that I couldn’t get through to Nikki, and it wasn’t the outcome I had hoped for. I feel my time at Brownes and Co. and working with staff helped them, they seemed to really respond to the positive reinforcement and become better hairdressers. For that I am thankful because the staff truly deserves the best. Ultimately, having a happier staff will help Nikki save her business.