Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha reflects on the highs and lows of her trip down memory lane.

on Feb 22, 2011

This is my favorite episode because even after the six week check in, I often wonder how the salons I've tried to help are doing. I'm often hopeful about some of them, because I feel like they have changed, and some of them I am truly concerned for, because I feel like they still haven't got it. So it was really exciting (and a little nerve racking) to go back and check in with some of my favorites and some of my problem children! I had the opportunity to visit Tantrum Salon, Chicago Male, Refuge for Hair, and Martino Cartier Salon, as well as Plush and Eclectic. And what I discovered surprised me.While we didn't have time to show all of these salons on the episode most of them are doing very well.

When I went back to Plush for the six week check in a year ago, Kimmie told me she had really changed and had not reinstated her credit cards or frivolous spending, but I wasn't sure if she could keep it up. Visiting Plush a year later I saw a salon owner that had totally turned around. Kimmie was responsible, she was putting her business over her friends, she wasn't spending frivolously, and she had paid down a lot of debt. Kimmie had made some great new additions to the salon adding a beautiful color bar, hiring some new stylists and a fabulous new esthetician, and there was a new education program in place. I was really proud of Kimmie and her staff for stepping up and taking the salon seriously, and I wish her continued success. I know she is on the right track.

Eclectic Salon had been a very emotional week for us all. Owner Jaqui had just declared personal bankruptcy without telling the staff, and Jaqui had totally checked out of her business. Visiting six weeks later I found an owner that was in a much better place emotionally but still had a lot of work to do to follow through with her dream and get the multicultural salon back on track. Visiting Eclectic a year later, I was amazed at how different Jaqui was. She was in charge and taking charge, and it was so great to see. It had been a rough year for Jaqui, because she had to make some difficult choices and let some staff go because they weren't following her new rules. Stephon had sadly passed away, and it devastated Jaqui. But she really kept her focus and drive and built a fabulous new team and was offering education. The salon looked amazing (as did Jaqui), and I was so happy to see Andre and Jazz still there helping the stylists and Jaqui. Eclectic is doing really well, and it was great to see them all again.