Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha tells us how she managed to stay sane while dealing with this week's disorganized and delusional salon.

on Feb 1, 2011

I'm still gobsamacked! 

A salon that has a mortgage broker, travel agency, legal services, hideous clothes, shoes, bags, and, oh yes, they do hair too. Just beware of flying shampoo bottles. I had two owners, one that had given up because she felt overwhelmed and wanted to work behind the chair, and one that had no idea about the primary business he was running but was the consummate salesman. There was no management or leadership in the salon at all, and it was beyond clear how out of control things were. It's great to dream big, I'm all for that, but come on! With the behavior I saw in the salon, the complaints the clients had, the lack of respect and the fighting, I was amazed they were even still open.

Talking to the staff just reinforced the fact that if there is no leadership, the staff follow the lead and in this salon it resulted in chaos. All the staff said if it didn't turn around they would leave, and although I was annoyed with the behavior and lack of respect that some of the staff had for the salon and each other, I also understood that Frank and Shannon were setting the tone and that the staff were just following their poor example. When I saw the stylists' work, there were some really good hairdressers that knew what they were doing and a couple of young ones that needed more guidance. But Shannon was so closed off from helping them, that they weren't getting the education they needed. And Frank was just...

When I found out Breco was spending her day trying to contact President Obama, Oprah, and several other government officials and dignitaries, I truly thought Frank was making fun of me, but sadly I was wrong. He truly was delusional and thought that he was just "dreaming big." I was astounded that he believed they would come,and that he was putting all his energy into a crazy dream when his business was falling apart and his wife was at her breaking point. Sitting down with Frank and Shannon, it was so obvious that their problems were deeper than just their business. Their personal problems were affecting the business and their marriage, and Shannon was feeling suffocated by Frank and that she was carrying the burden. And in truth she was, because from what I saw and heard Frank was totally ineffectual at managing the salon, and although Shannon said she didn't want to manage the salon anymore, she needed support and he wasn't giving it to her.