Tabatha Coffey

Tabatha tells us how she managed to stay sane while dealing with this week's disorganized and delusional salon.

on Feb 1, 2011

I am not a therapist, but I felt like this couple needed help. That's why I brought in Dr. Karyn Stewart to see if a little therapy would get through to them and hopefully make them realize what they needed to work on personally, which I was hoping would help them professionally. The next task was the staff. The lack of respect and teamwork was astounding, and this bunch needed a wakeup call. Taking them to the desert was extreme (and let me tell you, hotter than hell), but it worked. It was the first time (after some of them stopped bitching) that they did work together. Frank actually acted like a grown up and was great at leading the staff, which surprised the the hell out of me. The renovation looked great, and Shannon and the staff were clearly happy with the new look, and the fact that the focus was hair not a mishmash of a million other businesses. I was happy that Shannon was ready to take the lead and did, and it was obvious Frank was feeling lost and not sure what to do with himself. I was amazed at the change in everyone, especially Shannon. It was great to see her passion, pride, and energy for her salon and to watch her step up and take charge.

I was happy to see that Shannon was still in charge on my return, and the staff were all doing great. I was disappointed that Ebony didn't step up, but I was glad to see that Shannon did what she needed for her business. There really was a total transformation in bQute, and I am happy to say they are keeping it going and doing well.

I actually saw Frank, Shannon, and several of the stylists yesterday at a Hair Show. I want to congratulate Frank and Shannon as they are expecting, so clearly the marriage is doing well and so is their business. I am happy for them all and so glad they could turn it around.