Andy Cohen Once Witnessed an Awkward Encounter Between John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston — After Their Split

"It's like who could imagine this scenario happening?" the #WWHL host shared.

Andy Cohen spills a lot of tea in his latest book, Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries, and we don't just mean about the Real Housewives. In addition to letting fans into his life and career, the Watch What Happens Live host also drops some major bombs about A-listers, including his BFF John Mayer. In the book, he recalls one night he was hanging with the singer when they ran into his ex-love, Jennifer Aniston. The encounter took place earlier this year, years after the couple went their separate ways in 2009.

"When I write about the dinner at Sunset Tower that I had with John Mayer, and Jennifer Aniston and the cast of Friends were the only other table in the restaurant, it's like who could imagine this scenario happening?" he recalled to The Daily Dish. "So I'm turning to John Mayer saying, 'Wait, have you seen Jennifer Aniston since you broke up?' and he's like, 'No.'"

While it had been a while since John and his ex had run into one another, Andy had seen her and her crew shortly before, during the cast reunion, so he had no problem going over and saying hello. "I had just reunited the cast of Friends, so for me I was like, 'Well, I can go over to their table right now,' and I did."

The rest is history.

Below, Andy chats more about the book, out now.

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