Bethenny Frankel Has Raised "Well Over" $1 Million For Disaster Relief and She's Just Getting Started

"We got this," the Big Apple mogul shared.

When Bethenny Frankel puts her mind to something, she goes all in. And that's evident in the efforts she's put into helping those affected by the most recent onslaught of natural disasters. She's focused her efforts on Mexico, Texas, Florida, and most recently Puerto Rico, after these regions were hit by either destructive earthquakes or hurricanes. And now she's revealed that she's raised quite a lot of funds in the process.

But, Bethenny is hardly done. In fact, The Real Housewives of New York City mogul pledged that she has no plans on stopping her work anytime soon.

Bethenny spoke to Jet Set earlier this month about her ongoing efforts to help those in need following these natural disasters through her work with her B Strong campaign (which she talks about more in the video above). "I’m not a genius — I'm just good at pulling people together, executing, getting things done. It's all about delegation. Timing. You do that, this one does that, talk to that one, that's off my plate, I can trust you, you're doing that," she said. "And it’s about going rogue."

Check out more of the mogul, below.

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