9 Chokers You Don’t Have to Be a Teenager to Wear

It's time to reclaim our favorite accessory from the youngins.

There’s no denying that chokers are the resurgence accessory of the year, as they’ve popped up on every runway and celebrity we know of. But here’s the thing, for us everyday people, chokers can feel, well, a little juvenile. If you walk down your street or through your local mall, you’re likely to spot gaggles of tweens and teens wearing them around their tiny necks while eating ice cream and Snapchatting each other.

Which isn’t fair! We were actually alive in the ’90s! The choker, with it’s this neckline-slimming qualities, is like an old friend to us. (Another old friend of ours, Alannis Morissette, would decidedly say, “Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?”)

So it’s time we take our treasured accessory back from the babysitters. Here are nine sophisticated chokers you can don to date night, brunch or while running errands. If you don’t it might be the good advice that you just didn’t take. 

1Stella & Dot

Mia Collar, $39

2Vanessa Mooney

Burgundy Leather Choker, $29

3Zoe Chicco

Diamond Bezel Collar, $1,350


5 Disc Choker Necklace, $55

5Alexis Bittar


Spike Accented Choker Necklace, $255


Monarch Florette Leather Choker Necklace with Crystals, $320


Convertible Leather Wrap Bracelet/Choker with Pearl Charm, Taupe, $395.00

8Lulu Frost

Crystal Star Choker Necklace, $225


Pack of 2 Chokers, $22.90