A Step-by-Step GIF Guide to Being as Fierce as Erika Jayne

From booty popping to hairography, the #RHOBH newbie always slays on screen.

Don't we all wish that we could have a pop star alter ego like Erika Girardi's Erika Jayne? The fact of the matter is we all have a little Erika Jayne inside of us just waiting to be unleashed. You just have to know how to let her out.

Well, studying how Erika moves and grooves in the music videos for her singles "Crazy," "Get It Tonight," "One Hot Pleasure," "PAINKILLR," "Party People (Ignite the World)," "Pretty Mess," and "You Make Me Wanna Dance" is definitely a great place to start. Just follow these 12 easy steps below, and you'll be on your way to perfecting your "pat the puss" in no time.

1.  Always Make a Grand Entrance

2.  Hairography Is a Must

3.  You Have to Just as Easily Play the Girl Next Door...

4.  ... As You Do the Seductive Temptress

5.  Use Props Wisely

6.  Don't Be Afraid to Get a Little (Pretty) Messy

7.  You Have to Be Able to Stand Out in a Crowd

8.  Booty Popping Is Not an Option

9.  Know When to Show a Little Tongue...

10.  ... Or a Lot of Tongue

11.  Let Your Hands Do the Talking

12.  Always End with a Showstopping Pose

No lesson on being as fierce as Erika is complete without knowing how to "pat the puss." Pick up the singer's signature dance move by watching this clip from her appearance on Watch What Happens Live, below.

Watch What Happens Live
Erika & Cheyenne Pat the Puss
Erika Girardi from #RHOBH teaches actor Cheyenne Jackson how to “pat the puss” and they both seem to master it in sync in the clubhouse!
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