Heather Dubrow Wants Answers About Brooks Ayers at Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion

"Let's just flesh it out so we never have to talk about it again," the #RHOC beauty expert says. 

Things are about to get really real. The Real Housewives of Orange County crew will be taping the reunion special this week, with Brooks Ayers' cancer diagnosis likely at the center of the conversation. It's been a hotly contested issue all season, and one of the topics Heather Dubrow is looking forward to hashing out during the highly-anticipated sit-down.

“I am just ready to talk about what happened this season," she told The Daily Dish at the EVINE live celebration in Beverly Hills Tuesday September 29. "I think what we all want is some answers. We want to know what the heck is going on for good. Let's just flesh it out so we never have to talk about it again. I guess, you know, the Brooks thing — it's no one’s business but you will see in the final episodes — and at the reunion — that some of us were pulled into this story. Especially me, in general, I got pulled into this by Brooks and now I am in.”

Well now that Heather has our attention, she further elaborated on why she thinks this season has been so compelling for viewers. And, no, it doesn't have everything to do with Vicki Gunvalson's ex-boyfriend. “One of the reasons our ratings are so high this year is because it’s so real. I feel like when I joined this show, I didn’t know anyone," she said. "I was plucked and stuck in the middle of the group. It was not a connected, cohesive group. This is now a group that is really friends, we hang out together, and have strong feelings for each other. I think all these story lines have been so real and raw. The audience has responded. I think there’s a BS meter — when people have self-produced and petty dramas the audience thinks, ‘Who cares?’ What I am looking forward to on Thursday is there is nothing to worry about. What has happened has happened. It’s going to be discussed; there’s so much to talk about. I am curious to see, especially, how Vicki responds to everyone.”

So, what does Heather have planned post-reunion? “I thought you were asking about after the reunion. The drinking after!" she said. "We drink at lunch now. A little bit."

-Reporting by Paul Zahn

Check out a preview of the next episode of RHOC, airing Monday, October 5 at 9/8c, below.

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