Julie Montagu Teases Big Changes Coming to Mapperton Estate with Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The Ladies of London friend is bringing some long-awaited enhancements to the centuries-old estate. 

Since she and her husband took over operations at The Mapperton estate, Julie Montagu has been charged with a delicate task. It's her duty to maintain the estate's storied history, but she's also keen introduce some fresh updates to its grounds. And in a recent Instagram Story, the Ladies of London yogi showed off some exciting new developments.

Back in 2016, Julie told The Daily Dish: "We want to convert one of the stable blocks into a space that can be used for events or for receptions or for weddings. Right now when people have weddings, they usually rent a marquee, a big tent, and heat the tent. What we're looking at now is creating a big space that we can use for events and for wedding receptions and also I can use as a yoga studio, which in turn, would then give me the means to host yoga retreats down there. That's all in the pipeline."  

Photo: @juliemontagu/Instagram Stories

Photo: @juliemontagu/Instagram Stories

Photo: @juliemontagu/Instagram Stories

A couple of years later, it looks like Julie's vision is becoming a reality. On May 3, the viscountess posted a snap of the space that will soon be filled with Zen vibes and downward dogs. "Mapperton estate yoga studio almost ready!!!" she captioned the sunny shot. With stone walls, beamed ceilings, and iron chandeliers, the studio looks equal parts rustic and royal. In another snap, Julie teased that the wedding venue is also "nearly ready." 

Judging from Julie's next photo, there's plenty of interest in the estate in the meantime. The image showed a group of tourists lining up outside the estate's manor door, waiting to tour its interior. 

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