Padma Lakshmi Shares What Her Daughter Is Up to These Days

The Top Chef host's little girl has quite the little life!

Padma Lakshmi may have the skills to pay the bills in the kitchen, but it turns out her daughter has an interest in something else entirely. While she did inherit her mom's culinary skills, the Top Chef host recently chatted with The Daily Dish and offered some insight into what her daughter is into these days outside of the kitchen.

"I doubt she's going to go into the culinary arts and that's OK," Padma shared after having revealed what activity her daughter is truly passionate about. You can check out her answer in the video, above.

While she may not grow up to be a chef, also in the video above, Padma does break down some of the dishes her daughter is quite good at. And we have to say, they all sound quite tasty.

As for Padma, well, when she isn't hosting Top Chef judging what the Season 15 Cheftestants are cooking up, well she recently shared with us that she has a special guy in her life. Find out some more details about him, below.

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Does Padma Lakshmi Have a Boyfriend?
The Top Chef host opens up about the special guy in her life.
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