Sir Richard Branson’s Favorite New Way to Travel — Is Actually Old

 This is the best way to see the English countryside this year (and nope — it’s not on horseback).

Think Richard Branson always flies Virgin? Think again.
The spiky-haired mogul has a thing for luxurious trains, and has sunk some funds into restoring the Flying Scotsman. Not familiar? That’s because the locomotive, which dates back to 1923, has been in retirement for more than 50 years. 
But after a major refurbishment, the train is poised to make a comeback. (And you thought Taylor’s reemergence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was big.)

Starting in March, the glam vehicle will whisk passengers on idyllic day tours of the English countryside. Picture yourself chugging through Somerset, Hampshire, and Severn Valley… but don’t daydream for too long. Tickets are selling out fast, so it’s best to, er, get on board now.         

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