Was Abby Elliott's First Date with Her Fiancé at a Strip Club?!

Apparently lap dances make for a great night on the town with your future hubby.

Some say all great romances start by making it rain... cash money. And that seems to be the case for Abby Elliott and her fiancé, Bill Kennedy. You see, they met on a movie set and basically had their first date later that night at a strip club. The Odd Mom Out star dished all about it when she (and Bill) stopped by Watch What Happens Live this week.

"We met on a movie that Billy wrote called Sex Ed that is on Netflix, you can check it out. Haley Joel Osment is in it and I did like one day," she recalled. "And we shot it in Tampa and we went to a strip club that night. Thee Dollhouse is where we fell in love. He bought me a ton of lap dances, but, like didn't talk to me."

Well, somewhere along the way he mustered up the courage to chat her up and now the twosome plan to be get married in the next couple months. And it seems that bridezilla tendencies run in the Elliott genes. "Yeah, I screamed at you about something yesterday," she said to her soon-to-be husband during WWHL. "What as it, just yesterday? Oh it was about readings at the ceremony. I was like 'WHY HAVENT YOU PICKED OUT THE READING?' You know... whatever. There have been a lot of bridezilla moments. My dad actually has become sort of a father of the bridezilla. Chris Elliott-- the man, the myth. The legend. He's getting very into it. He's really good with the planning."

Watch What Happens Live
Abby’s Biggest Bridezilla Moment
Actress and soon-to-be bride Abby Elliott from #OddMomOut tells Andy Cohen what has been her biggest bridezilla moment and which of her parents is exhibiting bridezilla-like behavior.

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