The Millionaires

Derek dishes about his date with Colby (and Patti's hotness).

Oct 19, 2010

My experience began in April, when I sent Patti a video of myself begging her to help me find the "ONE." I explained that I've dated for years and now am ready to settle down and start a family. Patti agreed to meet with me, and man was she MEAN. At our first meeting she proceeded to yell at me and abuse me in my own home. She explained a few things that she thought I was doing wrong, and I have since taken her advice by "qualifying the chick."

Next was my big mixer at the beautiful Water's Edge. Traditionally mixers consist of two guys and a group of women. In my case however, Patti decided that she wanted to mix it up a bit and paired me up with a millionairess, Bryce. Patti thought it would be a good idea for Bryce and I to begin a friendship. I'm assuming because we are both single web developers with similar interests in NYC.

When Bryce and I met, my first impression was that she was a very serious person. I however am the complete opposite. We spoke on camera for a while and I didn't even think that she was someone that I would remain friends with beyond this experience. Happily, I was wrong and Bryce and I have remained friends! Surprisingly, once you get to know her, she lowers her guard and is fun. Not like jump up and down fun -- but fun in a quieter sort of way. After meeting Bryce I was introduced to a group of beautiful women who were all eager to talk about dating and the future. For a second it was overwhelming because Bryce and her group were right next to me, but once we separated it was smooth sailing. My dream had come true, me in a room with fifteen beautiful women. These women actually were there to meet me. So that part of it is very humbling. I talked with all of the girls in a group and then in smaller groups of two or three that Patti would bring over. Eventually I had to choose two girls for my "mini-dates" and then ultimately one girl for my "big date."

Andreea is who I choose after Colby for my second mini-date, but I was told that she was unavailable. So I then picked Kristen. After spending time with both Colby and Kristen on my mini-dates, I decided that I felt much more comfortable with Colby and that the conversation was much more natural between the two of us. Oh, and she is smoking hot.