The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 13:'s Associate Editor relishes in the delight that was watching Patti date (and zipline).

Nov 21, 20110

Don't: Show up to a recruiting session if you already dated Patti's best friend
Oops Steve! Ya burnt! Oh to have been a fly on the wall when he and Rose chatted afterwards.

Don't: Date someone who won't travel to you
Poor Mike G. First he said he never "asked someone" to marry him, and then he lived too far away. Well Patti had to lay the smackdown on someone this episode, didn't she?

Enjoy your place out of town Mike!


I think I recognized aggressive cowboy Mike on that one show where the drag queens compete against each other "untucked" something.  I don't know if it was taped before or after Patti went on a date but I kind of wonder why he was on that show, do you know anything abou that episode.  It might be totally for fun or whatever just a little taken back when I finally connected the face to the person.


Delia Turner
Delia Turner

Patti, I enjoy your show very much. I am trying to follow your rules. I am 46yrs old and single.