Patti attempts to find mates for a Hugh Hefner-type and a closed-minded Canadian, with the help of Tori Spelling.

PREMIERE: Aug 22, 2011, 9:00 PM
Episode 2: The Chauvinist and the Playboy

Patti is skeptical about her first millionaire this week, 42-year-old Brian Wallos, a wannabe Hugh Hefner who made his millions by making trading cards that feature scantily clad women. Surrounded by beautiful women all the time, Brian hasn’t been on a traditional date in years, but swears he is capable of monogamy. Meanwhile, Patti has her hands full with David Mezheritsky, a 30-year-old Canadian with traditional Russian roots. Patti is appalled to learn that David is a chauvinist at heart, who believes that career women don't make good wives. Realizing that his closed-minded attitude is why he is still single, Patti brings in wife, mother, and businesswoman extraordinaire, Tori Spelling, to show him that a modern day woman can do it all.