Patti deals with a client with a God-complex and a client with a more devilish side.

PREMIERE: Sep 22, 2011, 10:00 PM
Episode 6: The Plastic Surgeon and The Pole Dancer

Patti's first client is Frank Stiles, a 44-year-old plastic surgeon from Las Vegas. He is a perfectionist with a god-complex so Patti calls in life coach Matt Bennett to break Frank of his out of controlling ways and bring him back down to earth.

Patti goes toe-to-toe with her second client, millionairess Emma "Wild Child" Ridley, a 38-year-old pole-dancing instructor that has been divorced three times. She wants to meet a secure and nurturing man, but Emma's stripper moves and outrageous personality get in the way. To transform her into a classy lady, Patti gives her the ultimate makeover no one will forget.