Rodger Berman

Rodger comments on Rachel's makeover and explains why he thinks they can handle another child.

on Apr 18, 2013

First and foremost I have never had, nor will I ever have, man boobs! (As Rachel was teasing me about.)

Don't get me wrong, getting styled by Rachel is awesome, even for me, but she usually just ends up shopping for herself. Although I must say, it' good to know that my wife likes the way I look, if you know what I mean! With duds like this I hope we'll have baby number two on the way in no time.

Speaking of having more kids, I know that Rachel and I could handle as many kids as we wanted, it’s all just about prioritizing and time management. Rachel is such an incredible mother, I think it would be so amazing if we had another child that could be Sky's best friend -- just like Rachel is with her sister, Pam.