Rodger Berman

Rodger explains why he fell in love with Rachel as a business woman.

on Mar 13, 2013

This particular trip to New York was such a thrill for us, not just because of Rachel's first fashion show at Lincoln Center, but also because of the beginning processes of our new business venture, DreamDry, an ultra-lux blow-dry salon.

Even though we walked in to the salon and it wasn't exactly finished, we always knew that this was going to be a really special space for women to come and feel glamorous -- something that's at the core of everything aspect of our brand. You also get to see all the bumps in the road before the final product (which is amazing, by the way!).

Making an ultra glamorous salon -- or anything for that matter -- takes hard work and perseverance. I often find that I am the one who has to play the "bad guy" in order to get the job done. I don't do it because I want to, but because Rachel's name and our business are on the line.