Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak lying about her age? Never! She defends her statements.

on Oct 28, 2008

Wow!!! As you can see by watching this episode things have changed. I planned a breakfast with Nene, Cori, and Sheree so we can catch up and spend time together. Nene, Cori, and I were at the Intercontinental when I found out Sheree was so sick. I felt terrible for her -- she doesn't have a husband that can take care of her so I figured I would bring her some medicine. It was great to see her. I couldn't believe how sick she was and how GREAT she looked.

Sheree and I met through NeNe a couple years ago and we are just now beginning to get to know each other. I really like Sheree. We are both divorced and our children are close in age, as well as we are both chasing our dreams. The more time I spend with her the more I like her.

Since Sheree couldn't attend the breakfast I planned a spa day at Kai Spa. I invited Sheree, NeNe, and my BFF Cori. I love the spa. I love to take care of my skin. ALTHOUGH all the blogging going on states "I can't possibly be 29" I am actually 30 years old now. I have to say I agree with some footage I have seen that my makeup was PILED on that face of mine and I look like a drag queen (it ages you). I am not a BIG MAKEUP BUFF usually, but for photo shoots and big events you do what you have to do. "LESS IS MORE" is my new motto.