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All Money isn't Good Money

Sheree updates us on the status of her film.

This was a really good season from beginning to end. I had a lot of fun doing it. Last year was the first time in a very long time that I truly felt stress free, at peace, and happy. I was doing me, coming into my new beginnings, totally feeling great about life and enjoying time with my family. I was so happy to have Tierra back home. She and Damon have really impressed me with their independence. Such delightful young adults. Plus, I love when Damon comes and hangs out with Kairo, almost like a big brother. I started dating again and am having a good time doing so. No one special as of yet. I was also able to come out of me shell and get up and attempt to dance for a great cause thanks to the wonderful people at the Alzheimer's Association. Something I never thought I would be able to do! I am also still working with an acting coach as well as attending classes, and that's been a lot of fun as well. With everything I have been through in the past, I still feel strong, I still feel empowered, and I still believe.  I believe that nothing is impossible, that we should always dream big and push ourselves to be better and do better. Women have to learn to believe in ourselves. Yes, we fall down but we have to get up! It seems at times the world is on our shoulders but know that through prayer and determination anything is possible.   

When I arrived at the movie audition and pulled into my assigned spot that the was held for me by the crew, I have to admit, I never realized that it was a handicapped parking spot until watching the episode last Sunday. I was horrified! I want to apologize to you all for that. That is not something I do, ever! Again, I am truly sorry to those offended. It was not done purposely on my part.

Going into the audition, I was extremely nervous. This was my very first movie audition, and I was told by some of my actor friends that typically inside the audition room there will be the casting director, the person operating the camera, and maybe one more person. So, when I walk in and see a table full of angry looking people as well as people sitting on the left side of the room observing, it was really intimidating to say the least. Nothing like I expected! I gave my audition, which was a cold read, and I thought that would be it. But they decided that they wanted more camera time and asked me to do it over and over and over again with two other men as well the one guy that was shown. I was in there at least 15-20 minutes while they talked down, ridiculed, and yelled at me and/or the guys. Let me tell you, it was not a fun experience. I thought they were extremely unprofessional and rude. This totally could have become a "Who gonna check me, Boo" moment! I did all that I could to try to keep a pleasant look on my face. It's amazing what people will do for some airtime. Terri Vaughn, an actress herself, should have definitely known better but she stooped just as low as the rest, if not lower. In an audition, you run the lines once maybe twice then they call the next person. From there you either get a call back or you don't! 

As I drove home horrified, I just wanted to go ball up in a corner. I was so sad! Then I remembered what I tell people all the time, that when you allow someone to change your mood you give them power over you! I don't even know these people and will probably never run into them again, but they were able to shift my mood from happy to sad!  Why? Don't let people have power over you, they should not be able to shift your mood when they don't matter to you. The funny thing is, later that evening I received a call from the writer and she said "Sheree, I loved you!" My response was, "Really? I couldn't tell!" Which validated my earlier thoughts, they were really auditioning for "my" cameras! Since getting the role, the shoot date has changed several times, they have been very inconsistent, it's just been an unprofessional mess! It was a good experience, but I realized that all money isn't good money!

Like I said before, I believe a wedding day should be a happy day, a proud day, and a wonderful experience. Watching the goings on the day of the wedding was pretty sad and hard to watch. From all of the crying (and not tears of joy), to her mom and sister feeling so strongly about this union to go as far as to hide the license, to people telling her it's not too late to run... Wow! It seemed to be a very sad day for most. Even at the wedding and after the ceremony there were no smiles, no laughter, no cheerfulness. However, they pulled it off. Cynthia looked great, and I wish Cynthia and Peter the absolute best.

I want to thank you guys for tuning in every week and being such loyal followers. I appreciate all of the responses on here as well as on Twitter (@IamSheree). I really hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did! 

Also, I wish all of the ladies success in their endeavors and many, many blessings. It was an awesome season!

Until next time,




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