NeNe Leakes

NeNe shares her opinion on Porsha and Kordell's marriage.

on Mar 11, 2013

Sin city baby! This is where it all goes down! So we left Hollywood and headed to Vegas. A girls’ trip is just that -- girls hanging out, shopping, partying, and enjoying cocktails are definitely all in the mix. Pure innocent fun!

I arrived in Vegas around 10pm after a long day of work. I was told the plan was to head to a strip club, ride a bull, and have a sex toy party -- none of which I would normally do on a girls trip! I came on this trip, so I was willing to do whatever; as long as it didn’t involve doing drugs, having sex, or breaking the law, I was cool! So I got dressed and headed out on the town with the girls.

Once we were in the limo, Porsha said loud and clear that Kordell would NOT be happy if she went to a strip club and that he had already LET her go from Cali to LA! (Which is around the block I guess, LOL!) Now let me break it down to you this way -- I have been to strip clubs and worked in one when I was in my early twenties. Now I have moved on too much bigger and better things! I really like Porsha, and even feel like a big sister to her. If Porsha didn’t want to go to the strip club herself, that's fine! The message I think we all were trying to send to her was to use your own brain and let this be your decision. We’ve all been around her and heard her say things that sound like she's being controlled. Maybe Kordell feels the need to control her, because he knows what he's working with.