Kenya Moore

Kenya thinks NeNe doesn't respect her friendship with Cynthia -- and sends a note to fans about the Reunion.

on Mar 31

It's amazing that we have the resources that we do today. Had there been the resources available to us today when I was born to 16 year-old parents in the '70s things may be drastically different now. I have never had any animal growing up, never had a hamster, bird, dog, or cat. When I adopted Velvet, whom I affectionately call my puppy baby, it was the first time I ever had to take care of any living being in my life.

Clearly, a dog is not a child and can never be mistaken as one. Speaking as someone who travels weekly, works constantly, and come and goes as I please, a puppy was a huge wakeup call. Having a child is drastically different and life changing. I wanted to be responsible and knowledgeable about the process and the programmed baby doll would be a formidable challenge. I took the process seriously as all mothers to be should. Perhaps if we had more sobering steps such as the programmable baby doll tool, there would be less unwanted pregnancies and abused children in the world.