LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn de Lesseps is back to talk Ramotional moments and weighs in on Sonja Morgan's hosting etiquette. 

on Mar 11

Welcome back my friends! I can’t believe it’s Season 6 of #RHONY and I’m still here with you to celebrate another Premiere. Even though I’m not on the first couple of episodes, you’ll see me very soon. This Season is exciting with the addition of a new Housewife, new adventures (think roughing it with cowboys), and more of the Housewifely drama that you’ve come to know and love! Since we were last together, my life has gone through some changes, including sending my daughter off to a top art school and watching my son grow into an confident young man as he finishes up high school in the city. I hope you will join me here each week, as I share my insights into everything RHONY.

Sonja seems to be enjoying her dating life and I think it’s great that she’s dating a range of men, some younger and some older. I hope that she finds true love, but along the way she’s sure to have a lot of fun. Her 23-year-old date in this episode was a little on the young side even for Sonja!

Oftentimes, it’s better to keep a difficult person at arm's length so that they can’t hurt you. Some of the ladies think that they should distance themselves from Aviva after her mean-spirited behavior last Season, and I can see why. She can be charming, but the way her personality turns ugly can be off-putting. Each Housewife will have to make her own decision on whether to be friends with Aviva or not.