LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn de Lesseps is back to talk Ramotional moments and weighs in on Sonja Morgan's hosting etiquette. 

on Mar 11

Ramona is fairly consistent in her erratic behavior. I've come to know what will set her off and how she will react to certain situations. She gets "Ramotional" at times but we all know that this is part of her personality. I don't know if Aviva will be able get her back on her good side. I thought that Ramona was clear with Aviva that her feelings were hurt last Season. It’s going to take a lot of charm to pierce through Ramona's steely resolve.

Carole is a journalist and author with a lot of writing experience and she could be helpful to any aspiring author. I thought it was a bit presumptuous for Aviva to ask Carole to edit as a favor. It's like asking your doctor neighbor if he would comp your heart surgery just because you know each other! I don't think Carole working with Aviva is a good idea because there seemed to be friction between the two already.

My first impression of Kristen is that she can hold her own with these women. She is from good Connecticut Yankee stock! Not so sure I love her tag line though because she’s seems pretty smart and confident to me. Although Kristen is beautiful, I hope she focuses more on her wit than her hair.